Electricity Unit Rates in Delhi 2023, Bill Calculator, Tariff Details

A rise in Delhi’s electricity prices. The cost of electricity use for Delhi residents may increase starting with the following billing cycle. Depending on where the consumers are, different power purchase adjustment prices will increase.

Customers in Delhi who use less than 200 units of power would not be impacted by the increase. Delhi residents who consume more than 200 units of power each month must pay an extra 8% premium.

Electricity Per Unit Tariff Rate in Delhi – Domestic 2023

Cost of 1 unit rate of Electricity in Delhi- Rs 3 Per unit rate,

Below 200 units
0 – 200 Units below 200 units free of cost for zero bill Month
Above 200 units
0 – 200 UnitsRs 3 to 4.5 per unit
201 – 400 UnitsRs 5.5 per unit
401 – 800 UnitsRs 7.5 per unit
801 – 1200 UnitsRs 8 per unit
more than 1200 unitsRs 9 per unit

Electricity per unit cost in Delhi – Commercial 2023

AgricultureRs 1.30 /kWh
IndustrialRs 6.53 /kVAh
Upto 3kVARs 7.00 /kVAh
Above 3kVARs 8.50 /kVAh

Delhi Electricity Bill Calculated

Enter the entire amount of power consumed according to BSES, or select the meter reading. Once you have the entire power bill, energy bill, tax amount, and surcharges, click the compute button.

Consumption: kWh
Demanded Load: kW
Total Energy Charges: INR
Fixed Charges Amount: INR
Electricity PPAC Amount: INR
Surcharges Charges: INR
Tax Charges: INR
Total Bill Amount: INR

Each billing cycle, 5% power tax will be charged in addition to the consumer’s fixed costs. Additionally, for approved loads up to 2 kW, the client must pay Rs 20/kW/month.


Is 200 unit electricity bill in Delhi free?

free of cost below 200 units of zero bill month,

What is the price of 1 unit of electricity in Delhi?

Cost of 1 unit of Electricity in Delhi- Rs 3 Per unit rate
Zero bill if consumption for the month remains below 200 units- Domestic 2023

Above 200 units

0 – 200 Units- Rs 3 per unit
201 – 400 Units- Rs 4.5 per unit
401 – 800 Units- Rs 6.5 per unit

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