Electricity Bill Payment in Odisha 2024, Bill History & Unit Price

In Odisha, are you sick of waiting in line to pay your electricity bill? Do you want to pay your monthly power bill’s in a simple and easy way? We have you covered with everything from kiosk locations to online payment alternatives.

Electric Power Billing System in Odisha

Let’s first examine the payment choices before discussing Odisha’s power billing system.

  • TPCODL- Central Odisha Distribution Limited
  • the North Eastern Electricity Supply Company of Odisha (NESCO) are the two power distribution firms in the state.

The billing period used by both businesses is the sameā€”it is a monthly cycle. A fixed price and a variable charge dependent on the number of units utilized are both included in the power bill. Additional fees like GST, electricity tax, and fuel surcharge are also included in the bill.

Electricity Bill Payment online Options

The days of paying your power payment in person at a location are long gone. The development of technology has made paying bills considerably simpler.

Official Websites

You may pay your power bill on the official websites of CESU and NESCO. to pay the power bill is sign up for an account on the website, enter your consumer number, and choose your chosen payment option.

Mobile Applications

Both businesses feature mobile applications that you may download on your smartphone in addition to their websites. These applications provide a practical method to pay your bills while you’re on the road. On the app, you can also examine your usage patterns and monitor your bill history.

Third-Party Websites and Apps

You may pay your power bill through a number of third-party websites and applications in addition to the official ones. Freecharge, PhonePe, BHIM and Google Pay are some of the most well-liked choices. These systems give discounts and rebates in addition to a flawless payment experience.

Offline Payment Options

If you prefer to pay your bill offline, there are several options available in Odisha. Here are some of the popular offline payment options,

Kiosk Centres

Kiosk centers have been put up by NESCO and CESU in various locations around Odisha. You may use cash or a credit card to pay your power payment at these locations. At these locations, you can enquire about your bill’s total and due date.

Customer Care Centres

You can go to the CESU and NESCO customer service offices if you have any questions about your bill. These centers offer support for new connections, disconnections, and billing-related concerns.

Bank Counters

Additionally, you can pay your power payment at certain bank counters. IOB Bank, PNB Bank, and HDFC Bank are some of these institutions. Simply go to the bank, give your consumer number, and the amount of the bill.

Tips for Hassle-Free Bill Payment

It might be difficult to pay your Electric bill’s, if you have to wait in a long line. Here are some suggestions to make the procedure simple:

  • Utilize the official website or mobile app to make your payment online.
  • To prevent forgetting the due date, sign up for auto-debit.
  • To prevent late payment fees, keep an eye on the amount of your bills and their due dates.
  • Ask at the kiosk locations or customer service centers about the size of the bill and the due date.
  • If you are making an offline payment, skip the lines by going to the bank counter after business hours.


The availability of both online and offline payment alternatives has made paying electricity bills in Odisha considerably simpler. There are several choices available to fit your preferences, whether you want to pay your account at home or go to a physical location.

We trust that this article has given you a thorough overview of Odisha’s power bill payment procedures. Happy payment of bills!

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