TNEB Bill Calculator for Commercial 2024, Domestic, Tariff Rate Details

Enter the total number of units (or kWh) consumed. The entire power usage will then be displayed after pressing the compute button. Based on the revised tariff announced by the TN government for the fiscal year 2023–2024, our TNEB bill calculator operates.

For each additional non-domestic consumer, enter their demand load and the number of months. Just enter your household’s power use.

What is an Tariff?

A tariff is a method of charging varying fees on your power bill based on use. If you have spent 600 units, for example, you will receive a different fee for each level of unit consumption. You receive little compensation for low levels up to 100 units, a modest increase for a subsequent level up to 200 units, and another meagre increase for levels over 500 units.

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Tariff Rate Details for TNEB 2023

According to the Government of Tamil Nadu’s most recent Provisional Tariff Subsidy for FY 2023–2024, the TNEB domestic tariff is divided in half, with the pricing for one unit varying depending on whether 500 units or more are consumed.

The per unit charge for single phase and three phase is the same, please note.

Less Than 500 Units for tariff Details

The customer must pay no fees for the first 100 units, 2.25 for the following 100 units (i.e., consumption between 101 and 200), 4.5 for the units between 200 and 400, and 6 per unit for the consumption between 400 and 500 units if their consumption is less than 500 units.

Power Rate
 Per unit(₹)
>500 units0-100

More than 500 Units for Tariff Rates

If a consumer uses more than 500 units (even if it’s just one more unit), they must pay 0 for the first 100 units and 4.5 for the next 300 units, which include 101 to 400.

6 for the next 100 units between 401 and 500, 8 between 501 and 600, 9 between 601 and 800, and 10 between 801 and 1000. The consumption of all remaining units will cost 11 per unit.

Above 700 Units0-100

Domestic/House Bill Calculator for TNEB

Let’s figure out the 263 units’ power bill. The cost is 0 (100100) for the first 100 units, 225 (2.25100) for the following 101 to 200, and 283.5 (4.5 *63) INR for the final 63 units.

In this case, our total bill comes to 508.5.

TNEB Bill Calculation Range – 256 Units
SchemeTariff RangePer unit(₹)UnitsBill
Energy Charges508.5

Unit Consumption for above 500 Units


Consider the following scenario: You have eaten 846 units.

Take a look at the computation to see ₹ 5460/ how much the user will be paying for power.

The varying fees are imposed for the consumption of the same unit if you take into account the entire tariff pattern mentioned above.

TNEB Bill Calculation Range – 746 Units
SchemeTariff RangePer unit(₹)UnitsBill

LT Commercial Tariff Details:

Commercial customers must pay in two installments, for less than 50kWh and more than 50kWh. Consumers who utilise less than 50kWh must pay $6 per unit, while those who consume more beyond 50kWh are subject to a surcharge based on their connected load.

Consumers must pay 100 per kW per month for the first 50kW, 300 per kW per month for the following 50 to 112kW, and 550 per kW per month for any further kW.

LT Commercial Range
TypeRangePer UnitFixed Charges
LT – V0-50kWh6100/kW/Month
0-50 kW9.5100/kW/Month

Huts Tariff Details:

The set prices for the huts, small home, and single blub house are 300 per service, according to TNEB. Consumers of huts are not subject to a slap rate.

Huts Tariff
TypeRangePer UnitFixed Charges
LT – IBAll300/Service/month

Calculation for Common facilities in Public Lighting, Water supply provided by Govt /Local bodies

They must pay set fees of 8 for each unit and 100 per kW each month for the water supply, public lighting, and common amenities in multi-tenements that are provided by the government or local authorities.

Common facilities in Multi-Tenements Tariff
TypeRangePer UnitFixed Charges
Public Lighting, Water supply provided by Govt./Local bodies
TypeRangePer UnitFixed Charges
LT – IIAAll8100/kW/Month

Note: The TNEB Bill Calculator above only applies to household services; for commercial, industrial, educational, and other types of services, the cost per unit will vary. Additionally, those customers must pay additional MD fees.

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