Electrical licence in Jharkhand for Wireman, Contractor in Hindi 2023

Do you have a strong interest in electrical work? Do you hope to use it as a career? If so, getting an electrical licence is essential if you want to become a reputable electrician. This essay will go over the step involved in getting an electrical license in Jharkhand, emphasising their importance and the advantages they offer.

What is an electrical license?

An electrical licence is a legal document that certifies someone as being qualified to lawfully do electrical work and is issued by the government or a recognised regulating authority. It denotes that the bearer has the abilities, expertise, and credentials required to guarantee electrical safety in diverse contexts.

Importance of obtaining an electrical license

Obtaining an electrical license is not only a legal requirement but also a mark of professionalism. It demonstrates your competence and commitment to adhering to industry standards and regulations. With an electrical license, you gain credibility and trust among clients, ensuring a successful career in the electrical industry.

Types of electrical licenses in Jharkhand

Depending on the nature of job and degree of experience, there are many electrical licence categories available in Jharkhand. They consist of:

  • Wireman License: Anyone may do low voltage electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance with this licence.
  • Supervisor License: Those who hold a supervisor licence are able to supervise electrical projects and guarantee that safety rules are followed.
  • Contractor License: An person with a contractor licence can manage a group of electricians and work independently on electrical projects.

Eligibility criteria for Wireman, Supervisor licenses

To be eligible for an electrical license in Jharkhand, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • 5 years of electrical work experience under an electrical supervisor and a 10th pass. Perhaps an ITI or a diploma/ Electrical Degree from a school that has received government approval. Electrical supervisor grade officer approval is required for the experience certificate.
  • require an email address.
  • Any document from the candidate’s government proving their address, such as an Adhar card, a driver’s licence, a ration card, etc.
  • Evidence of a residential address, such as a gas connection book, an energy bill, or a bank passbook
  • Must possess a character reference, uploading the information on the officer who issued the candidate’s character reference.
  • Copy of a photo (only jpg/jpeg files). photo with a maximum file size of 30 kb and minimum dimensions of 40 × 50 pixels.
  • Signature with a maximum size of 20kb and dimensions of 60px by 80px.

Contact Details: Call: 0651 2491456 / 2490246 / 2491037 

Application process

The application process for an electrical license in Jharkhand involves:

  • Obtaining the application form
  • Providing necessary documents
  • Paying the required fees
  • Submitting the application to the respective licensing board

Examination and evaluation

Applicants must show up for a written exam after submitting their applications. The examination evaluates the knowledge, technical skills, and understanding of electrical codes and regulations.

Issuance of the electrical license

After passing the examination, applicants undergo a practical evaluation to demonstrate their proficiency in handling electrical installations and repairs. Upon successful completion, the licensing board issues the electrical license, enabling individuals to legally practice electrical work in Jharkhand.

Benefits of Having an Electrical License

Enhanced career opportunities

Possessing an electrical license opens up a wide range of career opportunities. Doors to reputable electrical contracting firms, government projects, and private sector jobs become accessible. Employers prioritize licensed electricians due to their demonstrated expertise and adherence to safety standards.

Legal compliance and safety

Working without a valid electrical license can result in legal consequences and compromises safety. By obtaining an electrical license, electricians ensure compliance with government regulations and minimize the risk of accidents, electrical hazards, and damage to property.

Increased credibility and trust

When clients hire an electrician, they seek someone they can trust with their electrical systems. An electrical license adds credibility to your profile, reassuring clients of your expertise and adherence to industry standards. This trust leads to better client relationships and recurring business opportunities.

The licence is only good for three years after that, and the applicant must renew it one month before it expires.


A vital first step to a lucrative career in the electrical business in Jharkhand is obtaining an electrical licence. Along with guaranteeing legal compliance, it also shows professionalism, authority, and a commitment to safety standards. Electricians can benefit from improved prospects, gain the confidence of their clients, and advance society as a whole by upholding the licence standards and going through the review procedure.

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