4+ Lamp Holder Types & Ceiling Holder Images (PDF) 2023

A Led bulb/Tube Light holder is an house hold electrical device that securely holds and powers a Led Tube light /bulb. It also offers the convenience and comfort of easily replacing bulbs when needed. It is one of the most commonly used electrical accessories in homes, offices and other commercial locations.


Bulb holders are mainly classified by socket and structure type. The most common types of bulb sockets are the Edison screw and the bayonet socket. Based on the type of structure, the bulb socket is mainly classified into corner frame, batten frame and hanging frame.

We are Five types of LED bulb/Light holders.

  • Angle Holder
  • Ceiling Rose
  • Batten Holder
  • Pendant Holder
  • Junction Round White Plate.

Angle Holder for LED Bulb

We need to keep the lighting effect in the third form, this support is used. These brackets are mounted diagonally on the wall. This is the reason why this grip has a variation. After using this support, lighting remains the most important of the other variation.

In the market, corner braces have many different prices. The price of the angled stand is around Rs 40 to R. 50. You can definitely buy this type of power stand if you want a diagonal lighting effect.

Ceiling Rose Used for LED Tube Light

Bare rosettes are electrical devices used to create junctions for drop wires in electrical circuits. They are often used with tube lights and ceiling fans.

Batten Holder for Ceiling Lights

Batten holder are used to focus light in a direction to their base. They are usually attached to the ceiling for shadowless lighting from above.

Pendant Holder for Hanging Bulb

Pendant holder is also widely used in many kinds of places like wedding, event or any other function. Pendant holder is also known as pendant holder.

By using the flexible wire of these lampholders, we can hang the bulb anywhere by installing it. Tests are also done from here. It is also said to come with 6 amps at 240 volts. It is made of brass metal and aluminum.

Used for Hanging Bulb Holders with a movable wire attached to a Ceiling Rose.

Junction Round White Plate for Wall

A board or broken sheet riveted and joined to the edges of the sheet forming a butt joint.


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