Telangana Electricity Complaint Toll Free Number- TSSPDCL

You may get help from Telangana electricity by calling their toll-free complaint hotline if you are having any problems. Are you sick and weary of Telangana’s electrical problems and power outages? Look nowhere else! You can call the toll-free number in Telangana to register any issues about power at the end of this article.

Telangana is a state in India that has had several electricity-related problems. Although the telangana state government has made step to address the situation, residents or Household continue to complain often about power outages, voltage fluctuations, and other electrical problems.

Telangana Electricity Toll Free No

To report any problems regarding energy, use the toll-free number given by the Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (TSSPDCL). The digits are 19112.

Use Instructions for the Toll-Free Number

Follow these easy steps to utilize the toll-free number:

  • Put 1912 into your phone.
  • Choose the official language of your choice for Hindi, English, Telugu.
  • Select “Report a Complaint” and provide your basic information, including name, phone number, District etc.,
  • Clearly state your grievance and wait for a confirmation message

Additional Details for Telangana Electricity

that you might find useful are provided below,

  • The free number is accessible all the time.
  • Additionally, you can file complaints via the TSSPDCL website.
  • When filing a complaint, it is recommended to have your power bill on available.
  • You can raise your complaint to higher authorities if it is not handled in a reasonable amount of time.

The significance of filing complaints

It is crucial to file grievances in order to make things better. Only if the government is aware of the issues its citizens are facing can it take the appropriate measures. By filing complaints, you may help improve the state as a whole in addition to getting your problem fixed.


We trust that this post was useful in giving you the details you needed about the Telangana power complaint toll-free number. Let’s cooperate to improve the availability of power in Telangana.

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