Telangana Electricity Bill Calculator, Unit Rate , Tariff Details 2023

To Acquire the power bill according to the most recent tariff order, enter the total unit usage in kWh (units) or select the Domestic (home) or Commercial option. In accordance with the Telangana Electricity Board, we have introduced consumer fees.

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Telangana Electricity Tariff Details

The Telangana electricity board charges four slaps for commercial users and three slaps for residential or retail LT customers in 2023–2024. There are no adjustments to the tariff rate for this period.

Less than 100 units of domestic power use will be billed at LT(1) A tariff rates. The consumer is required to pay 1.95 for the first 50 units and 3.1 for the subsequent 50 units.

If a consumer uses more than 100 units of electricity but fewer than 200, they are subject to the LT(1) B tariff rates. For the first 100 units, the per unit rate is 3.4, and for the next 100 units, it is 4.8.

Current Electricity Slab (tariff) Unit rate in Telangana

The tariff rate for domestic LT consumers is shown in the table below.

Domestic Tariff Rate for Three Phase and Single Phase in Telangana
SchemeUnitPer unit rates(₹)Fixed Charges  Per Month
C0 -2005.2

LT- A Category Tariff Rates for Below 100 units:

If the user uses less than 100 watts of power, they must pay 1.96 cents for the first 50 units and 3.10 cents for the next 50 units.


Taking into account the fact that you utilize 92 units, let’s compute your current bill right now.

You will fall within the LT A category according to the most recent tariff rate set by the Telangana government. You must pay 1.95 per unit for the first 50 units and 3.1 per unit for the following 42 units.

if you there, electricity bill will be ₹ 293.52 /-

Domestic LT tariff Bill Calculation – 92 Units with 1kW demand
SchemeTariff RangePer unit(₹)UnitBilling
Category I0-501.965095.7
Energy Charges225.7
Fixed Charges11
Customer Charges39

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